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Boys and "Playground Rules"

(Cross-Posted to [info]20splinters)

So I found this from the other  morning, written out on an envelope in a script so tiny and precise it might have well have been typeset:

7:15 am


Troy & Gage just got into a fight. Over a girl. Mickey's been known to get a little jealous over one of his paramours seeming to like one of the rest of us better, but Gage isn't like that. Gage seems upset because Troy doesn't want to share this one at all. I don't understand why Gage is so upset though, since Troy doesn't even have a date with her yet.

This is why I prefer to remain a child. Kid's don't have to worry about this silly stuff. I just play my video games, crack the systems, hack the game if I feel like it, and do long division and calculus in my head to keep the body awake while somebody else drives on road trips.

- Analyst

Strange, he didn't sign it “the Analyst.” Of course as I finished typing that, I got the distinct impression of him looking up from sitting cross-legged, face awash with the bluish sheen of his computer screen (I recently remade his Sims character to have those pale blue high lights!), as always, and quietly but firmly saying, “I have no need of your numbers. I don't care if I have any power in here.” He's referring to that numerology stuff I calculated out – badly! - a couple weeks ago. He's happy just to have a game to play and hack. I need to get around to making him an icon one of these days.

In case people are wondering what's going on between me and Gage over that girl, it's just a little case of “I saw her first.” I just want the chance to get to know her and ask her out on my own, no interference from headmates. It was only a few minor words between Gage and me. He understands and isn't upset anymore. It's basic “playground rules” in here, at least among us boys. Gage and I get along well, and we'd rather not get into a fight, especially over a girl that he didn't even seem interested in until he sensed that she was “off limits” to him. And I'll get around to asking her out when I get to it. Right now, there's a lot of far more important stuff that needs to get done first. Like for instance getting out of this Hell hole. Between the landlord's failure to do upkeep on the place and the drunk/drug addict housemates, I'd be embarrassed to bring anybody here even after I gave my room a thorough cleaning! So that means coming up with enough money for at least first month's rent and deposit somewhere else. Back burner for anything relating to sex and dating! (Except for the little day dreams and fantasies as I'm winding down to sleep. Not giving those up! ;-) )

–  Troy



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