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PORN!!!! HERE!!!!!
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Don't you just love it when some user who seems to do nothing but post porn, with the nice thingie that converts all text into Russian, adds you as a friend even though you NEVER post any pictures, let alone porn. (Unless you count the anime on the icon. I didn't design it.) Maybe he wants me to pay for his porn. Nah, his stuff is pretty standard (read: BORING) stuff that wouldn't get me going even if I did have internet outside of a PUBLIC library.

So let's all give a big round of applause for vchats , for giving us a real good example of internet stupidity!

- Troy

And it just took me 3 tries to get that journal link right. Have I mentioned before how much I hate what Mickey did with the settings on this journal? Cause this couldn't possibly have anything to do with my low level of computer literacy......


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